Park Grove Electric Inc. 

Electricians serving our customers.

Jim Drigans, a master electrician, is co-owner of Park Grove Electric Inc., along with his brother Don. He has an impressive grasp on finding the best materials at the most affordable prices for our customers. He also works in the field daily and is known to be very cognizant of his customers needs through his years of experience. Likeable, sensible, and trustworthy are great ways to explain what our customers have to say about working with Jim.

Don Drigans is a second generation electrician educated at St. Paul TVI. He and his brother Jim took over the business from their parents in 1996. Don handles the company's estimates and is continually out in the field doing the work he loves. He takes great pride in his work ...and our customers enjoy his thorough knowledge of the business. His ability in translating this knowledge to them in a way that they can clearly understand is outstanding. Don also knows the importance of understanding the city and state codes and equally, the compliance to them. Therefore; he is consistently educating himself to stay up to date on these important issues for our company.

Daniel Rich joined Park Grove Electric Inc in 1997 as an apprentice. He also participated in studies at Dunwoody Institute in Minneapolis and by working side by side with Don and Jim, Dan has become an experienced electrician that enjoys working with our customers. Always being willing to go the extra mile; and following in bosses footsteps when it comes to excellence ...has given him a great reputation with our client base.

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Celebrating our 50th Year of Service

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